Buying a Home – During

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Although I am serving as your real estate broker, I also put my construction expertise to work for you:

  • As we are looking at homes, I point out higher-end features such as layers of crown moulding, high-efficiency heating systems, or upgraded carpet so you can appreciate these features when the home is yours.
  • I can spot potential, so if you love a 3 bedroom home but need a 4 bedroom home, I can find solutions by modifying the floorplan if able.
  • I can also talk with you about what can be done with the house in terms of removing walls or remodeling and can provide a rough budget.
  • I can review the inspection report and talk with you about the severity of what the inspector has found. Some things sound scary that aren’t so scary, but other things should be scarier than they seem.
  • Whether it is negotiating the initial contract or the inspection response, I put my expertise to work explaining the issues with the listing broker and why things cost the way they do.
  • The seller may be fixing items before the sale or you may be ready to get to work once the house is yours. In either case, I have connections to great local tradespeople who can get the job done.

When you are pre-approved and ready to shop, I am ready!

We will make a plan that:

  • Allows you to view homes online as soon as they are available
  • Takes your schedule into account when determining what properties to see live
  • Gets you into homes that meet your criteria as soon as possible.

As we search, it is normal for you to make some features a higher priority and others a lesser priority. That is just part of the discovery process. Buying a house and choosing a lifestyle is important and you should invest the time and effort into determining where you want to live and what you want to live in!

When you find the house you want to call your home, I will provide you with all the variables available with which to make your offer (price, inspection, earnest money, closing date, and many more), but I will also coach you on the types of offers sellers expect to see in the current market. You are still in charge, but the market and other buyers in the market who also may be eyeing your preferred property, will dictate how attractive you need to make your offer to the seller in order to be effective.

Once the offer is accepted by both parties, that is when I really get to work. I tackle the pending to close process like I would a renovation project – as the contractor. You can think of it as a wagon wheel with me at the HUB, coordinating all the parties. You can read more about your entire transaction team on my Team page.