Forbes’ Friendliest Town in the Nation boasts 60,000 people coming together to plan out their city’s future.  They now have five large community parks and have two more in the planning stages, an aquatics center in the works, other water recreation, a skate parks, miles of a connected and cohesive trail system, and two private golf clubs.  The residents of Sammamish know that having chunks of green space and high-density housing would not work for them, so, keeping sense of place in the forefront of their minds, they plotted out properties with generous lot sizes as well as abundant open space between.  Preserving their precious Sammamish River and Lake, keeping quality of life at the top of the list, and putting in the time to maintain the excellence of their school system ensure that Sammamish will continue to be one of the shining stars of the Eastside.

Sammamish Market Watch