Listing Your Home – Before

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Listing a home, and getting the most dollars from its sale, requires strategy and some elbow grease. I come equipped with both! Here is what you can expect when you list your home with me:

  • Market Analysis – You likely have a financial goal in mind when selling. The market will dictate whether that is reasonable or not. If time is on your hands, I will let you know your options.
  • Home Preparation – To allow your home to show its best, it needs to be prepared for buyers. How we live in a home is different than how we show a home for sale. This does take work, but it is work that can be done over time – or quickly as your timeline dictates. Remember, you will get out what you put in! You and I will create a custom preparation plan for your home, but you can get my general checklist here.
  • The Importance of Firsts There are three firsts that you need to be aware of as a seller; these firsts establish your home’s emotional connection with the buyer:
    1. Curb Appeal
    2. Standing on the Porch
    3. What You See When You Open The Door

Did You Know?

  • 49% of surveyed REALTORS® who work with buyers believe staging usually has an effect on the buyer’s view of the home while 47% believe that staging sometimes has an impact on a buyer’s view of the home
  • 81% of REALTORS® said staging helps buyers visualize the property as a future home
  • REALTORS® believe that buyers most often offer a 1–5% increase on the value of a staged home (37% from REALTORS® representing sellers and 32% from REALTORS® representing buyers). Additionally, 22% of REALTORS® representing sellers and 16% of REALTORS® representing buyers said the increase is closer to 6-10%.


If your home connects with the buyers at these three points, then you will have made your sale. This became apparent to me several years ago when I was working with my client, David, to buy a house. We drove up, he got out of the car, looked around, and I could tell by his breathing that he was almost there. We walked up to the front door and stood on the porch. I opened the door, and unless the inside was a disaster or it didn’t check any of his boxes, I knew he had bought the house.  Buyers buy emotionally and justify logically.

As we prepare your home, we need to pay extra attention to those Firsts in terms of smells, sounds, and visual appeal.

  • Staging – Depending on what your home needs, I have a stager with three basic levels of service:
    • The stager can work with the items you already have by rearranging
    • The stager can mostly work with what you have but bring in some of their items for that finishing touch
    • In the event the home is vacant, the entire home can be staged