From Our Clients

“Gary has been an awesome realtor to work with because of his excellent customer service mentality and his in-depth knowledge of real estate and residential construction. He has provided great guidance and wisdom in critical areas such as pricing, inspections, and negotiations. I’ve always been able to count on Gary to get things done on time, with my best interests in mind.”

– Scott H.

“Gary is a dedicated and hard working Broker. His skills in real estate and construction are a win-win for all of his clients. I am proud to work with him and his team.”

– Kimberly S.

“Gary is a delight to deal with on many levels. He managed the sale of our prior residence and purchase of our current residence. He was incredibly skillful in all of the negotiations and I feel we received maximum financial benefit when both selling then buying. Gary was also sensitive to the emotional toll that is taken when trying to buy a house in a sellers market through his continued optimism and he was always willing to press on when we were getting discouraged.

Gary and I share a background in construction and we saw many of the same defects as we visited many houses. “Hey check this out” was our favorite share when either of us came upon some housing or remodeling oddity. He also has a wealth of ideas on how to resolve certain problems and he was able to get a very quick bid (i.e. within a few hours) on the cost of a reroof when we were purchasing our current home.

Several months after the sale he’s now providing additional support to me as our Home Owner’s Association (HOA) is considering alternatives to cedar roofing and is thoughtful in what he conveys and it looks like he’ll join us to talk about roofing and real estate values during an upcoming HOA meeting.

I can’t think of any other person that is as delightful to deal with both on a professional level as well as the friendship we’ve developed.”

– David G.

“From beginning to end, Gary was a fantastic person to work with. He is highly committed to bringing his clients the best and doesn’t stop working till he finds it. Gary spent time helping my wife and I weigh the pros and cons of each house we saw. He was always on point and used his contracting skills to help us find a great house. But even after he wrote up the contracts, Gary went the extra mile. He hopped on a roof to check that repair work was done properly and climbed through a crawl space to make sure everything was in shape.

Not only was he professional, but he was incredibly kind. He took my first time home buying worries, acknowledged them and reminded us that everything was going to be ok. All around Gary was great. We are never going to use another realtor.”

– John G.

“Gary helped us sell our first house and move our family into a new home that would last the long haul. Throughout the whole process we were so impressed with his knowledge of construction and the real-estate process! Because he used to own a remodeling company he was able to brainstorm with us on modifications we wanted during home showings and really helped us narrow down our selection! We will be using Gary again for our next move!”

– Rob W.

“Our experience with Gary couldn’t have been better. He was a calming presence throughout our house buying process, remaining upbeat and positive during both the ups and downs. Gary had solid intuition about what price would be competitive for both of our offers. And his exemplar people skills and willingness to communicate resulted in an amiable negotiation with the other side. Thanks to Gary we got exactly the house we were looking for without paying the usual Seattle-area premium. Thanks Gary!”

– Ingrid F.

“Not sure where to start! Gary is so accessible, returns calls, texts and emails promptly but more often than not he was able to answer my calls first try. He is an excellent communicator, I love his mantra of “underestimate and over perform!” He never guessed about what we might make on the sale of our house, nor did he lead us to believe we’d make X amount of dollars. He knows the market, he is diligent in everything, and his work with us was based largely on data that he was able to utilize well due to his experience and knowledge. Gary was a huge blessing for us, I have nothing but praise for Gary – he is awesome!”

– Paul M.

“Gary is definitely the reason we are homeowners today! He was always proactive and encouraging, thoughtful, and always went the extra mile for us, no matter what we asked of him! I will recommend him to everyone we know who is in the market to buy or sell, and once we are ready to move up in home, we will definitely be calling on his services again!”

– Arielle F.

“Working with Gary has been wonderful! He has lots of industry experience both as a real estate agent and previously as a contractor. He is always ready to answer questions and do whatever is necessary to meet his clients’ needs. I cannot recommend Gary enough!”

– Sami W.

“Gary is a genuine guy who cares about everyone’s experience in buying and selling a home. He’s is not just looking for a pay day he is invested with you to help you sell or buy your home. I had a home in Auburn, WA that was way above the median home price where the pool of buyers became smaller each day. Gary did all he could to find the best buyer possible and get this home sold quickly and for the price that we wanted it to be sold at.”

– Patrick F.

“Gary has been a huge help in our purchase of this multi-family building. His knowledge of the rental market as well as construction background was great to have through this process. He speaks honestly and is easy to talk with. I highly recommend him!”

– Todd M.

“Gary has worked for me on three investment property deals in 2016 and has done an excellent job for me on all of them. I have found Gary’s integrity to be beyond reproach. In my dealings with him he has shown me that he is always working in my best interest, not in the interest of his commission. Along with all of his “regular” real estate skills I have come to find tremendous added value in Gary’s knowledge of home construction and remodel. His 20 years of experience as a remodel contractor has been a great resource for me on all three of my properties. It has been a invaluable to me to work with a realtor that actually has real expert knowledge of the product he helps to buy and sell. Not only in the preparation of these properties but in the negotiation of the buyers inspection list. I can’t emphasize enough how much this expertise helps in analyzing comparable for a sale and seeing the hidden pitfalls and potential upside in a given purchase. I would recommend Gary to any of my family and friends and look forward to working with him in the future.”

– Brian K.

“Gary Nims did an awesome job helping us market and sell our house. He went above and beyond any expectations we may have had of a realtor. He took a personal interest in us and our situation which helped our move be much less traumatic than it could potentially have been, after living in the same house for 40 years. He was always available when needed and kept in close contact throughout the entire process. He was always very professional, yet personal, and we feel like we have made a new friend. We would highly recommend Gary as a realtor and an all around good guy!”

– Dick & Nancy A.

“Gary was there for us every step of the way offering advice and guidance through each phase. He brings with him unlimited resources to help make your home sale ready as well as provide contacts for any imaginable work you may want to do on your new home. Gary brings the total package.”

– Scott K.

“Working with Gary was wonderful. He really understood the market and knew how to price our house correctly to get the best results, and wow did he! I also liked that Gary was honest. I asked about my colors and different items in the house. His feedback was great, and yes I had to change some stuff, but I am so glad I did. I don’t need an agent to tell me it looks wonderful, I need my agent to tell me what will get me the best price for my home. And Gary did that. His knowledge of repair people in the business is invaluable. There were a few things he suggested we do before listing and every person he recommended I would recommend to a friend and have! Gary was able to walk us through every step and educate us as we went. He kept an eye on the deal and made sure nothing went sideways. I greatly appreciate everything he has done and would not hesitate to use him again.”

– Barb K.

“Gary far exceeded our expectations. What impressed me was his fast, prompt expert advice and communication. It almost seemed he was available around the clock. He has savvy negotiation skills that helped us get the house for much less than we expected. He made sure we didn’t overpay on the property and spent hours with us on-site at the inspection and once more the week before we got the keys. His background with his former remodeling company really helped give us an idea on what repairs would cost or how to fix it. I believe his focus on excellent customer service and quality consulting really shined through. His wife Stacy also gave great advice on how to rent out the place we moved out of. I will highly recommend Gary to any of my friends.”

– Mike Hayley S.

“In short, Gary is the best real estate agent out there. He will calm your fears, work hard for you, consistently reach out to you, support you when the process becomes disappointing, and still connects with you even after you buy the home.

Furthermore, Gary also brings experience as a contractor. He spots things for you that your inspector will probably miss. He is able to tell you what issues can be easily fixed and what will be major problems down the road. He is also able to give you quick ball park quotes on remodeling projects you might dream of doing when you go to check out a potential new home. Plus, he has so many connections. My wife and I still call Gary first to get a recommendation for any services related to our home.

But the best thing about Gary is that he is personable and engaging. He genuinely cares about each one of his customers and wants them to find the perfect home. He goes above and beyond. When we were looking at our current home, Gary climbed into the crawlspace with me, and hopped onto a roof in his suit to check out a chimney. Gary is the best! I will never use anyone else.”

– Jon G.

“I already recommend his service to my friend!”

– Debby L.

“Gary Nims is a TOP-NOTCH real estate agent! ~Professionalism, master negotiator, outstanding customer service, extremely knowledgeable, integrity of character, engaging personality~ are his qualities that make him the best of the best. We had worked with many real estate agents over the years, Gary’s level of excellence sets himself apart from all the rest!

From the beginning consultation to the amazingly smooth closing of our purchase of a bank-owned property, working with Gary was an amazing experience! He went above and beyond all of our expectations.

He explained very clearly to us the whole process. He was endlessly patient, calm, and considerate of our constraints. His expertise and knowledge of our real estate transaction was clearly evident, and all his advice was spot on. Gary kept our best interest at heart and respected our budget. He didn’t merely help us to make the offer to purchase, but made excellent and constructive advice on when and how to make the move. We saved about $40,000 because of his wise advice.

We wholeheartedly recommend Gary with the highest regard!”

– K Y.

“Gary is a wonderful realtor! He goes above and beyond to make his clients feel that they’re the only person he’s working with. He works hard to always accommodate your schedule and make your life easier through this stressful process. He’s a superb negotiator and deftly handled a difficult transaction for us. His background in construction is also extremely beneficial in helping clients judge the quality of a home. I wound not hesitate to recommend him for either buying or selling a home.”

– Donna G.

“Gary was absolutely amazing! He created an out of this world experience for us, a seamless transaction, and a fast closing! We highly and confidently recommend Gary and will definitely ask for his help in future transactions!”

– Jonathan H.

“Everything you would want in a real estate agent; professional, timely, flexible, communicates effectively, and follows through.”

– Pat H.

“Gary is amazing and works hard to make sure you find the right home. I would absolutely recommend Gary to friends and family. He made the home buying process so simple and enjoyable.”

– John S.

“Knowledgeable, patient, top notch agent, tenaciously helping me all the way through a 6-month journey of my transitions. Greatly appreciated his services throughout top notch!!”

– Brian Y.

“I started with Gary from a simple online question on Redfin. He took it by heart and addressed my question by checking on HOA managers and listing agents with extra effort. Gary is very professional on the area he is doing and he advised me a lot on the offer to make it stronger. He is good at pricing estimation on properties based on sold properties in the neighborhood on the market.

The first offer Gary helped me with won the property I wanted to purchase. I would like to recommend Gary to my friends who want to buy a property.”

– Jianying W.

“The thing about Gary (Professional Real Estatist) Nims is that he works all the angles. Without Gary, it is clear we wouldn’t have won the bid for our home. Gary brought it home, using what must have been his previous construction experience, which is how he earned his nickname [You’ll have to ask him about that, great story]. His acumen, thoughtfulness and genuine nice guy attitude helped us in a tight real estate multi-bid arena. Thanks Gary!”

– Christopher D.

“Gary was hands helping us prepare to sell our home. He bent over backwards to make sure we were comfortable through the whole process. I will recommend him to anyone I know selling or buying a home.”

– Teresa T.

“Working with Gary was great! In the house search process, he pointed out several properties that I wouldn’t have even considered, which really opened my mind to what possibilities are available. Gary’s previous experience as a contractor is invaluable when taking a tour of a home. He was able to give me an idea of what upgrades are easy and doable and what repairs are potentially large undertakings. When it came to put in an offer, Gary worked with me and presented me with numerous options in order to tailor my offer to make it as competitive as possible. I’d recommend Gary to friends or colleagues in a heartbeat.”

– Jacob S.

“It’s been a great experience working with Gary. He was my agent buying our house in Redmond. He got all the necessary details around the house which helped a lot when we were trying to put an offer. He was also very knowledgeable and gave us ideas on how to improve the house after we got the house. He even introduced us to our new neighbors and made it easier for us to transition to the life in Seattle.”

– Cindy L.

“Gary went the extra mile time and again in helping to sell this house. It was my first experience with doing this and from the beginning he helped walk me through this process. There are so many things that have to be taken care of and I would have been completely overwhelmed if not for his help. Not only did he help explain things, but he also helped relax me in the process. I felt I could completely trust him in this process which made it go so much better. He and his wife Stacy were always open to my input where I wanted to make decisions, but they were also able to take over where I was in need of help, which was often. One of these moments occurred when I had to make a decision about an offer that came and Gary’s skill and expertise in this situation was able to show both openness and strength to make a very positive outcome for us. I have a deep gratitude and respect for Gary and Stacy, the work they do shows deeper values that go beyond just the sale of the house. I will recommend all my friends who are considering buying or selling to their services.”

– Joshua C.

“Having worked with other agents before for previous home purchases, I can confidently say that Gary was an incredible agent. His dedication to his clients and deep knowledge of home construction, remodeling, real-estate law and large professional network really made our home buying & selling process easy and enjoyable. Gary really did have a heart for our goals as a family and made sure he did everything in his power to find us the right home and get us into it. I would (and have) highly recommend Gary to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!”

– Robert W.


“Gary was very attentive to all the details of our transaction. He communicated very well with us during the process.”

– Mark L.

“I started with Gary from a simple online question on Redfin. He took it by heart and addressed my question by checking on HOA managers and listing agents with extra effort. Gary is very professional on the area he is doing and he advised me a lot on the offer to make it stronger. He is good at pricing estimation on properties based on sold properties in the neighborhood on the market.

The first offer Gary helped me with won the property I wanted to purchase. I would like to recommend Gary to my friends who want to buy a property.”

– Jianyig W.

“Gary was fantastic from beginning to end! He was there to answer any and all of the questions I had. I have both sold and purchased homes with Gary’s assistance and would do so again in a heartbeat!”

– John S.

“Gary’s attention to detail and personal touch are what sets him apart. He made us feel comfortable at every step of the process as he felt like a friend as opposed to someone interested in personal gain. We will never use another agent than Gary for any real estate needs.”

– Roger & Michelle W.

“Gary was amazing to work with! We presented some unique challenges and not only did he rise to the challenge he exceeded our expectations. We are now the proud owners of a beautiful home in a great neighborhood that fit our budget! Gary does a great job of listening to you and then adapting as needed. We would whole heartedly recommend Gary to anyone who is looking for a house no matter what your challenges are! He makes the experience fun and he explains the details so it is easy to understand what your next steps are.”

– Ed & Daynia S.


– Jun Y.

“Gary is the best! It took me months to find my place and he was there with me the whole time. He was extremely helpful throughout and I never once felt pressured into buying a home. He is also very knowledgeable about the market and has good insights regarding the various Seattle neighborhoods. As a first time buyer who was also new to the Seattle area all of this was highly appreciated.”

– Manny A.

“Gary has proven time and time again to be the most responsive and professional Realtor that I have had the opportunity to work with. In addition to Gary’s professional skills, he makes sure that he really educates his clients about a purchase or sale. His communication skills really set him apart!”

– Eric C.

“Gary was helpful, available and creative, making my buying experience much more smooth than I anticipated (as did the supporting service providers he recommended to assist with the process)! He also helped me tell my family’s story to the seller, which was important to me.”

– Sarah Z.

“This is 2nd property Gary helped me to purchase. Both experiences are excellent and smooth. We won this offer only after one try and we did not have to escalate the price according to Gary advice. Great working with Gary. Highly recommend!”

– Jianying W.